September Reopening!

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Hello friend, it is good to see you again. 

I started together @withkx back in early 2019, I did not physically start selling anything until October 2019 on etsy. Then 2020 happened, I decided to close down shipping anything physically from my shop in March 2020 due to shipping delays. 

A kind & patient customer received her order after 8 weeks in Europe!! Under normal circumstances, that would've only been 3 weeks max. I did not want anyone to wait for their orders that long and fear that their order might be lost. Therefore, I made the ultimate decision to temporarily close down the shop. 

Fast forward to September 2020, shipping timelines are getting better, and I am seeing orders arrive in good timing. However, please understand that due to COVID-19, there could be delivery delays. 

It's great to be with you again, talk to you soon. 

- kx.

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